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Payless Vacuums, Inc. Web Site - GRAND OPENING!


Payless Vacuums, Inc. GRAND OPENING!

Long Beach, NY May 23 2004-- Payless Vacuums, Inc. officially opens on May 23, 2004. We make floor care for both household and commercial applications affordable.

We also carry an extensive line of janitorial and custodial products, ranging from commercial chemicals to wastebaskets to brooms and mops.

We have been selling Vacuums, Floor Machinery, Accessories, and Janitorial Supplies at the retail level for over 30 years. We understand the costs and overhead of operating a retail store and decided to create an e-commerce store that leveraged the efficiencies and technology of the Internet. Partnering with the right manufacturers, diligently creating a user-friendly web site, and developing a streamlined process ensures our customer satisfaction. We offer top quality service, excellent products, and unbeatable prices.

You could visit our web site at

We have thousands of products in our inventory and add new products to our site daily. If there is a machine, accessory or janitorial product that you cannot find on our web site, or if you are looking for that hard-to-find part/product, contact us at 516-870-4099 or email

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