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The Beginning of the End?


does America's war with Iraq mean the beginning of global tyranny?
I am a deeply religious Christian, and I absorb information and news like a vacuum cleaner and read my Bible every day. When the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by terrorism, a lot of Christians on this side of the Atlantic felt the need to know if that act was prophesized, and some believed it was the fall of Babylon mentioned in Revelation. But being a student of many forms of prophecy, from the Mayans, the Bible, astrology, Nostrodamus, ancient Egyptian to native American, one of the key elements to prophecy -- I think -- is that it is sometimes recognized in hindsight. That is, we often do not realize that prophecy is taking place until it has happened. Only then do we connect events with prophecy, and we seldom observe an occasion when a precise moment is given for prophecy to occur. I did not for an instant believe the tragedy of the World Trade Center was a part of biblical prophecy, but a symptom of a world in moral decay.

Many Christians at least here in the United States believe the United Nations is the Anti-Christ mentioned in Revelation, but I have long doubted this theory. And I question the role many Americans believe our great nation will play in the Middle East in the End Times.

What I am sure of is that we are already in the End Times, and I am sure the word of God is true. I see both sides of the war with Iraq, both from the standpoint of Saddam Hussein and the United States. While on one hand I applaud the end to a tyrant, the implications of his demise may be far greater, according to biblical prophecy. Islamic terrorists call the United States the Great Satan because of our support of the Zionist Jews who took Israel from them. Their claims are extremely complex and it would take many articles for me to demonstrate their point. The power of over 100 Jewish lobbying groups in this country and their grip on free speech prevents the truth from being told. However, I'm not here to argue the validity of terrorism or the rights or wrongs of Zionism or whether some Jews are good or bad or if the U.S. was right to invade Iraq or not. I see perhaps darker forces at work, even as we speak. Do not allow current circumstances to cloud your mind. Consider for instance, that the United States basically violated the rules and mandates of the United Nations and unilaterally attacked a distant nation without positive proof of provocation from that nation. Consider that the United States has probably already killed far more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever did, albeit they were casualties of armed conflict and not our own citizens. What has happened is that for the first time, a single nation has by-passed the United Nations and did what it pleased and invaded another sovereign nation with the intent of overthrowing the government and assassinating the ruler. And no one can stop us. It means the United Nations is powerless and useless. It cannot be the Anti-Christ mentioned in Revelation. As a result of this military action, the rest of the world will have to reconsider the role of the United Nations and think how to stop not only countries like Iraq with deadly weapons at the hands of an angry dictator, but how to stop such invasions by other powerful nations. What may emerge from this invasion of Iraq is a new United Nations. Because, if it is to control the military whims of all nations and bring peace, it can only do so if it itself is a sovereign government, with it's own military, it's own collection of taxes, an administration and court. A new United Nations would require a world tax, a donation of troops and military hardware or the means of manufacturing it or to the deletion of allowing all other nations from developing a war machine. It would require the formation of an independent government that is not influenced by the lobbying of a few wealthy and powerful nations, and a judicial system that would supercede all other world governments. A new United Nations would lay down the foundations of a peace initiative in the Middle East between Israel and surrounding Islamic nations, but it will be a false peace. How do I know this? I read it in the Bible. President Bush is wrong to call this war with Iraq, "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I fear the invasion of Iraq by the United States is not an end to tyranny; it is instead the beginning of a global tyranny.

About the Author

Fred has been writing articles since the early 1970's as a columnist. He enjoys telling the world about life in the Ozarks, Christian values and his many, many interests.

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