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Dark Energy Bomb More Powerful than Nukes


September 1, 2004 -- Experimentalist Ken Shoulders claims that electrons are behaving in ways thought to be impossible. A new and previously unknown force appears to be binding the electrons at short range into clusters of electron charge. Shoulders calls these clusters Exotic Vacuum Objects, or EVO's.

Shoulders describes this as "a short-range force resembling a positive charge negating the effect of repulsive electronic charge"

One of Ken Shoulder's latest papers suggests nefarious uses for charged cluster technology based on EVO's:

"The author can easily imagine a scenario where instructions are generated with enough clarity for about 1 person in 1,000 to perform the necessary operations to refine and store a gallon jug of electrons in the form of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO's) ... there is no doubt that this jug would be light enough to carry and be highly sensitive to destabilization of a catastrophic nature..."

Ken Shoulders has recently collaborated on several papers with independent theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, in San Francisco. Sarfatti suggests that his theory of exotic vacuum dark energy/dark matter can explain Shoulders' experimental data.
Although Sarfatti hopes for carefully controlled release of energy from the EVO's, both Sarfatti and Shoulders warn that rapid release of a large EVO would be explosive, perhaps more powerful than
a thermonuclear device.

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