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Thin Film Depositions for Electronic, Medical, Industrial & Consumer Products


September 10, 2004 -- Thin film depositions on flexible polymeric substrates and woven and nonwoven fabrics are custom designed to serve electronic, industrial, medical and consumer product applications.

Precision single and multiple-layer, vacuum-sputtered depositions from Techni-Met Inc. provide functional physical, chemical and electrical properties such as conductive, shielding, optical, barrier, reflective and electroluminescent characteristics to meet customers' critical specifications and fitness for use requirements.

Sputter deposition source materials include alloys, chemicals, compound coatings and precious and non-magnetic metals such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, palladium, nickel, chromium, stainless steel, tin, titanium, zinc and (ITO) indium tin oxide.

Sputtered thin films are produced on flexible polymeric substrates including polyester, polyimide, PEN, fluoropolymer, polycarbonate, polypropylene, fluorocarbon, nylon and vinyl.

Material widths range from 6"-62" and gauges from 12750 microns. Maximum coatings thickness is 5,000 Angstroms. R & D, prototype, product development and production services. ISO-qualified, two Class 7 clean rooms for environmentally-sensitive applications.

Techni-Met Inc., 300 Lamberton Rd., Windsor, CT 06095. Contact: Charles Regul, 860-644-5225,

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