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Madvac Inc. launches its New High Capacity LX300 landfill litter collector.


September 2, 2004 -- The New High Capacity Madvac LX300 vacuum litter collector, which can fit on a pick-up truck or tow-behind trailer, can vacuum 5-cubic yards of debris into a 3-cubic yard (1200 lbs) hopper with a 50-ft long hose. The Madvac LX300 meets the needs of high volume litter collection in hard-to-reach areas and virtually transforms the manual litter picker into a highly efficient vacuum litter collection system with increased productivity rates in excess of 1200%!

The High Capacity LX300 vacuum powered by diesel was designed to vacuum compact heavy-duty litter such as: cans, bottles, newspapers, plastic, cigarette filters, paper bags from landfills, train tracks, construction sites, streets, parks, highways and parking garages. Furthermore, it provides effective litter collection capabilities in previously unworkable grounds or labor-intensive projects.

Features of the Madvac LX300:
- Cast alloy centrifugal fan, litter does not pass through fan
- Variable suction control
- Available in 8" and 12" diameter hose, with a 50-ft long hose
- Adapts to any pick-up bed
- Patented straight through vacuum suction
- Available in Diesel

Madvac background: Johnston Madvac Inc has a worldwide customer network of 200 stocking distributors in over 70 countries. Madvac designs and manufactures compact sweepers and vacuum litter collection vehicles since 1986, and has unquestionably become the leader in its field on the world market. It delivers total quality vehicles for airports, highways, amusement parks, cities & municipalities, federal & state properties, industrial & commercial complexes, landfill sites, parks, campgrounds, schools & universities, shopping centers & parking lots, streets and underground garage applications.

For further information please contact:
Andre Pollmueller, Marketing Director 1-800-862-3822

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