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New plug-and-play tool pumping system from Alcatel slashes footprint dramatically


Designed to increase available space in crowded fab basements, the new Alcatel Tool Pumping Solution (ATPS) is focused on cluster tool applications and can reduce the necessary footprint of the pumping package for one tool by 30 – 70 percent.
"The ATPS is a truly optimised concept for pump installation that can be used with 100 or 600 m3/h pumping lines. The integrated A100 miniaturised dry pump can be boosted to 600 m3/h with a Roots blower when required," says Betrand Seigeot, Alcatel Vacuum Technology Dry Pump Product Manager. 
There are significant other user-benefits provided by the space saving, dry pump technology-based ATPS, including standardized inlet connections (at 1.9 m height), fully independent pumping lines ensuring that when one pump is stopped the others remain unaffected and easy maintenance.  The system is designed to permit a pump to be replaced in less than ten minutes when using the Alcatel lift truck, for example.
The new ATPS dry pump range from Alcatel comprises three versions:
-          ATPS 61 for up to three pumping lines in a footprint of 1m x 1m (maximum of three booster assisted lines)
-          ATPS 81 for up to six pumping lines of 1m x 1m (maximum of 2 booster assisted lines)
-          ATPS 101 for up to 6 pumping lines in a footprint of 1.5m x 1m (maximum of four booster assisted lines)
"Further demonstrating our commitment to providing maximum benefit to end-users of our dry pump technology, we have ensured a wide range of applications are covered,  including PVD, Etch, WCVD, Ti/TiN CVD, undoped silicon oxide CVD (HDPCVD,RTP-CVD)" says Bertrand Seigeot. "And when it concerns metal and poly etch applications, all vacuum lines are heated, as are any optional inlet isolation valves."
The latest plug-and-play systems from innovative Alcatel boast a number of other key user enhancements. For instance, a simplified ordering process (one reference per tool) virtually eliminates the risk of forgetting a pump or accessory, while centralized components enable easier, faster hook-up (within one working day target). In addition to reduced noise levels, a single ‘exhaust extraction' compartment also helps increase safety.
The ATPS range is designed for use with Alcatel's revolutionary new IPUP A100 dry pump, developed jointly with Applied Materials. Designed for integration within semi-conductor tools, the Alcatel IPUP A100 delivers substantial cost, time and energy savings to users.


Alcatel Vacuum Technology is a member of the Alcatel Telecom Group and employs 900 people throughout the world.  Alcatel's vacuum technology has applications in areas such as instrumentation, glass coating for thermal insulation and infrared barriers; light bulb and television tube manufacture; CD/DVD production; medicine and pharmaceuticals; semi-conductors, and industrial helium leak detection in areas such as airbag design and air-conditioning. Based in Annecy, France, Alcatel Vacuum Technology is a global company exporting 90 percent of its products to markets around the world.
For more information, please contact:
Bertrand Seigeot, Dry Pump Product Manager
Telephone: +33 50 65 78 75
Fax: +33 50 65 76 44

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