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For the Holidays, Mobile Café Duet Gift Set by Timolino® Pairs Colorful Coffee and Tea Press with Matching Travel Tumbler


ALISO VIEJO, CA September 17, 2004 -- Darjeeling, Jamaican mountain roast, hibiscus jasmine mint tea, Hawaiian hazelnut java. Whichever hot, fresh-brewed elixir preferred by friends and family on your holiday list, the Mobile Café Duet will brew the perfect cup. Introduced by Timolino® just in time for the holidays, the Mobile Café Duet pairs together the Company's New Aromatic Australian Press and its vacuum-insulated iMug tumbler with its own twist-on docking station for fresh-brew hot coffee or tea to go.

The Aromatic Australian Press brews coffee and tea with a reverse French press design allowing for richer, full-bodied hot beverages. Unlike a traditional French press, which forces grounds to the bottom of the carafe, the Aromatic Australian Press allows coffee grounds or tea leaves to mingle with the hot water, enhancing aroma and flavor.

The iMug is a portable drink container that that is both contemporary and durable and keeps beverages hot or cold for up to two hours. The double-wall stainless steel iMug fits beverage holders in most automobiles. The iMug's twist-on docking station accessory adds extra stability around the desktop to prevent spilling on computers, keyboards or important documents. The iMug also features a slide-tab closure lid for easy sipping and easy removal for sanitary cleaning.

The award-winning Aromatic Australian Press fits on top of the iMug tumbler for the perfect brew-and-go beverageware duet. The Mobile Café Duet is available in pink, green and black (black press with stainless steel tumbler). The iMug (MSRP $17.50) and the Aromatic Australian Press (MSRP $14.95) may be purchased separately. The Mobile Café Duet (MSRP $30.00) is available only for the holidays. All of these items are available at

About Timolino Ltd.
Timolino Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Timothy Lin, whose family hailed from the stainless steel thermal beverageware industry. The revolutionary line of Timolino vacuum bottles and mugs, first introduced at the 1997 Gourmet Products Show in San Francisco, received much acclaim and demonstrated considerable competitive advantage in terms of innovation and design. Lin has continued to build on his family's history of developing quality, innovative beverage containers, receiving numerous awards for innovative products including Best New Product for Coffee Accessory in 2001 and 2003 from the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Timolino products are marketed in Europe and Asia through Dynamics International and distributed in the North America by Timolino Ltd. For more information, please call Jackson Lian, vice president of marketing, at 949-595-0880, fax him at 949-595-0882 or visit the company's Web site at

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