Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Best Vacuum for Stairs : Vacuums are an integral part of our society. The introduction of these devices which literally take cleaning to the next level simplifies what was once a chore that took up immense amounts of time and required a lot of energy to get done.

No longer do we have to suffer under the weight of cleaning never-ending floors, or using unimaginable means to clean hard to reach places such as corners.

With all that said, it is still important to note that vacuuming stairs call for a unique set of features. Stairs typically have hard to reach corners, which nonetheless have to be cleaned still.

Not all vacuum cleaners are enabled adequately to the cleaning of stairs, and there are special features a buyer must look for in determining the appropriate vacuum for this kind of job.

Below we will look at these features and analyze many vacuums that are adequately equipped to clean stairs.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

When purchasing a vacuum for stairs, consideration must be put into a lot of stuff so that you don't end up with the wrong device. Some of these considerations include.


This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a stair vacuum. Stairs go up and climbing them is usually a chore in itself already. The appropriate vacuum for a staircase must not be a heavy machine by all means.

You need a device that will be able to move easily without causing you to tire out in the middle of the process. Weights of vacuums are usually clearly displayed in the manual, so it's easy to read and compare before choosing.

However, it isn't just the weight that matters. There are other things to consider too.

Length of Hose

Vacuums are either corded or cordless. Cordless ones use batteries and are not under discussion here. Corded vacuums use mains power. With these vacuums, the length of the hose is absolutely important. Less cord means that there will be some parts of the stairs that might stay unreached.

There is also the threat of the cord thing around the machine and causing dysfunction of some components. A good vacuum for cleaning stairs must have adequate length hose


Whenever you are considering a vacuum for any purpose- not just cleaning stairs- the warranty of the product must be considered. It's all fine to have a lengthy hose and light weight but if the vacuum doesn't have a warranty or the warranty doesn't cover a long enough period it will all be for nothing.

A warranty of at least two years guarantees you peace of mind while you are using your product. As a rule the longer the period of warranty, the better.

Stair tool

The presence of an integrated stair tool is also an important feature to consider. Stairs have lots of corners and crevices. A vacuum not specially equipped will not be able to clean these hidden areas easily.

Any vacuum that doesn't have dedicated mechanisms for cleaning stairs won't help a user much. Whenever you are looking to buy a vacuum, consider this most important feature. I usually do.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Recommended Best Vacuum for Stairs

There are a number of vacuums out there which are equipped to handle stair cleaning. A user must not, therefore, be discouraged because there are a number of devices they can choose from.

This variety is a big asset and one that should make any consumer happy. Here are a number of devices which I found handy for stairs

Dyson V6 Animal

Dyson V6 Animal

Editor Rating:

The animal part is a simple modification which explains how thorough the device is.

This is one of the best option customers have at their disposal when choosing a vacuum. Some of its features include.

Extended Battery Life

The device has improvements which make the battery a bit longer lasting. Instead of a standard power button, there is a specially designed power trigger that must be held down for a while before activating the device. In this way, no idle power is wasted while the device is running.

Light and Easy to Use

In line with making it suitable for stairs, it is made out of lightweight material. This means that it can easily be carried up the stairs while cleaning them without any strain on the arms. Even a sick person will not find it a chore to use this device. It is also very easy to use, no complicated functioning.

Crevice Tool and Bristled Extension

These two are extended functioning parts that make the job of cleaning stairs even easier. The crevice tool is specifically designed for corners and crevices to scrap out all dirt. The brush stirs up dust particles before they are suctioned up into the vacuum cleaner.


It can both be a handheld cleaner and a standard cleaner. There are extended parts that can be added and removed at will to make it function as any of the two devices I have mentioned above. In simpler terms, it can work perfectly on more than just stairs.

Duronic V6/B

Duronic V6 B

Editor Rating:

The Duronic brings an added edge of convertibility into the vacuuming world. It can function in different conditions and comes with extensions that can be used on a variety of purposes. Its features include:

Bagless Bin

The dirt capturing part isn't your normal bag. Meaning that, you don't have to waste time detaching it while pouring out waste matter. This translates to easier functioning and efficiency of the cleaning process.

​800W Motor

​Powering the device is a powerful 800W motor. Such power ensures that the device is powerful enough to suck out all dirt from any tiny crevices. Also compared to other similar devices, it clearly comes out on top. Any buyer should look at it as one of their first options when they want to buy vacuums.

​Special Filtration

​Filtration methods in this device are very sophisticated. It uses a washable cloth filtration system to combat ultra fine dust particles and other particles that are tiny in size and can escape detection in a regular vacuum cleaner. Here they are not missed.

​Removable Dust Canister

​The device is bagless, but there is a dust canister specially designed to hold dust. This canister can be removed and emptied. No bags are needed with this vacuum cleaner as I have already made plain.

Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re

Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re

Editor Rating:

In case you expect to bath in the benefits of a full-size vacuum cleaner that is also lightweight and can function in multiple roles, then look no further.

If is designed to make your vacuuming experience a real pleasure, and one will not look anywhere else once they have sampled it

6 Year Warranty

​The device comes with all good will of the manufacturer in that they have included a whopping six-year warranty. This ensures that you are assured of the excellent functioning of the device, and when things go wrong, there is always a warranty to fall back on. This gives you peace of mind.

​Multi-Cyclonic Technology

​This cleaning monster uses multi-cyclonic technology for intense suctioning. The special technology separates fine dust particles from the air and traps them giving you extra cleaning.

​Eco Design

​It is designed to be environmentally friendly by meeting all standards. As a result, it is non-polluting, and all its elements are carefully researched before it is given out for use. It is always advisable to go for devices that keep the environment unaltered and safe.


​Has a dedicated turbotool that helps clean pet hairs. Pet hairs can be stubborn for routine vacuuming hence hard to remove. Here they are dealt with easily. This tool also makes the device suitable for upholstery and cars and corners and stairs.

AEG AG71a Rapidclean

AEG AG71a Rapidclean

Editor Rating:

This cleaner is designed for special areas including car interiors and leather and stairs and all places that have corners and hidden parts.

Brush Visor

A brush visor is a special tool for hard floors. It works by loosening dirt found in crevices and once this dirt is loosed it is then scooped up and taken in. Most stairs are usually made of wood so the brush visor should come in handy in these situations.

Stretch Hose

The hose found in this device is made to stretch hence it is flexible and does not tear easily. It is made of durable material that is able to handle all tugging. The total length is six meters, which is more than enough to clean most stairs without stretching too much.

700W Power

The motor is designed to operate on 700 Watts of power. This translates to higher suctioning ability and therefore most dust particles, even the smallest ones which are usually the problem, are picked up.

Bagless Bin

You can say goodbye to the trouble of struggling to find a way to empty the bag of dirt once it is full. This vacuum will help in preserving the environment and will also give the user an easy time when emptying and cleaning the dirt bin once it is full.

VonHaus 1000W 2 in 1

VonHaus 1000W 2 in 1

Editor Rating:

This cleaner has been designed with cleaning difficult spaces in mind. Most vacuums function well in a general kind of way. They have no specific niche they fill.

This one is different. It has special features that will make cleaning stairs an extremely easy affair. And it can also do more than just clean stairs which gives it, even more, advantage.

1.3 Liter Tank

The dust bin if you will of this device can hold up to a maximum of 1.3 liters of dust. This is a large capacity and on top of this, the dust storage unit is easy to remove and dispose of the dirt in it. Efficiency is, therefore, assured with this machine.

Sponge Filtration

For extra small particles, sponge filtration is used which ensures no minute particle of dust or pollen escapes to cause havoc in the form of allergies. Users can, therefore, rest assured that their health is safe while using this machine.

​2 Year Warranty

​The manufacturers include a two-year warranty with this device. This kind of protection gives the user a lot of freedom and peace while using the device, as they are sure that if anything goes wrong it will be quickly sorted out at no expense of theirs. Confidence in the product and company increases because of this.

​Smooth Glider

​The bottom is made with special material such that the device doesn't do damage to floors. It glides smoothly on the surface while cleaning leaving everything spic and span.

Final Verdict

Choosing a vacuum cleaner will always be a challenge for any user. There are so many brands, and each tries to position themselves as superior. With this guide, however, it is hoped that users will have an easy time going through different products and choosing the one which they think will serve them most.

It might have taken time to go through a whole bunch of vacuum cleaners but a user who is looking for the best shouldn't be discouraged by this.

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