Best Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning carpets, a vacuum cleaner is usually the most obvious choice. Only a vacuum cleaner can offer enough power to get into all those strands of carpet and remove all dust particles and other kinds of dirt usually lodged there.

But not all vacuums work well on carpets because carpets are special and very different from ordinary floors. A vacuum that does well in a basic floor could have lots of problems on a carpet either because it doesn't have a brush to stir dirt out of crevices or the suction pump isn't strong enough to dislodge dust.

With this in mind, there are many factors that must be considered when choosing a vacuum for a carpet.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning

As I have said whenever you find yourself out trying to get yourself a vacuum for your carpet there are a few things to consider, including:

Corded or Cordless Vacuums

For cleaning a carpeted floor both are similar but still it is important to make a choice. A corded vacuum might have the inconvenience of the cord being too short for a very large room. Provision will, therefore, have to be made for a longer cord which is an inconvenience.

A cordless vacuum could have the batteries running out during the cleaning process. Again this will be a disadvantage. The user will ultimately have to decide which to go with.

Brush Roll

Vacuums that have a brush roll are well suited for cleaning carpets because they stir up dirt and ensure better cleaning of carpets. A vacuum without a brush roll will not offer adequate cleaning to carpets.

Some dirt will definitely be left on the fabric and if this dirt is pollen then it could affect people with allergies. This should, therefore, an important consideration when choosing a vacuum.

Bagged of Bagless

A buyer will have to choose between bagged and bagless vacuums. Bagged vacuums have a bag attached to them which must be emptied at intervals. Bagless vacuums keep dust using other mechanisms but they must also be cleaned regularly.

Generally, bagged vacuums are better at cleaning and retaining the dust particles they gather. They are therefore better to use on carpeted surfaces.

Filter Type

The filter helps to retain dust gathered from the surface. If dust particles are allowed back to the atmosphere, they are likely to cause disease. When considering a vacuum for a carpet, the vacuum must have a filter and this filter must be completely sealed to prevent the escape of dust particles.

Best Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

Recommended Best Vacuum for Carpets

The following five vacuums offer the best features for cleaning carpeted floors. Any buyer wishing to buy a vacuum for cleaning carpets should get a good read through.

It will definitely help in making a decision as there is nothing worse than spending a lot on a vacuum, only to find that it is wrong for a particular kind of surface.

Hoover Platinum Vacuum

Editor Rating:

The Hoover platinum is a one of a kind vacuum cleaner for most types of surfaces but especially suitable for carpeted surfaces.

It is impressive in its operation and virtually unbeatable. Its features include the following and more.

Self Closing HEPA Bag

​HEPA filters offer the best protection against allergies and other airborne diseases in your home. The filter on this model is self-sealing and the bag that captures dust as well.

​Cyclonic Filtration

​Cyclonic filtration is a mode of filtration which ensures that every bit of dust is taken off the surface, and especially for carpets which are usually harder to clean than most surfaces. Having cyclonic filtration ensures that a vacuum cleaner will provide the best cleaning for your surfaces.

​3 Channel Suction

​This vacuum doesn't use one channel but three to create maximum suction and ensure the best cleaning for your carpet. For this alone it should be considered among the best vacuum cleaners.

​Bagged and Upright

​It is upright which translates to an easier time on the hands while cleaning the carpet. Such a small innovation shouldn't be overlooked as it can mean the difference between good cleaning and bad cleaning. Besides, there is a bag for collecting all the dust suctioned off the surface.

Miele S7280 Jazz

Editor Rating:

This is another quality vacuum cleaner that comes in handy of excellent features for cleaning carpets and other surfaces such as rags.

It is a leading choice for most consumers online and for good reason. Its features illustrate this.

Swivel Neck

The cleaner has a swivel neck. The neck is made using flexible material meaning that it can move from side to side. It can get to hard to reach surfaces such as behind things such as chairs and tables and corners as well.

Reclines To the Floor

The model doesn't only have a swivel head it also reclines all the way to the floor. Again the material it is made of allows for such maneuverability and ease of use. Cleaning below chairs and tables without moving them is then made possible.

Adjustable Brush

Depending on the type of carpet and how much cleaning is required the brush can be adjusted to different levels to suit different needs. Hard cleaning and soft cleaning can, therefore, be accomplished by the same brush.

12 Stage Filtration

The filtration at work here goes on for twelve stages for maximum cleaning effect. Apart from this the technology in use is the reliable AirClean technology for maximum cleanliness.

The Shark Rotator

Editor Rating:

The Shark Rotator is a majestic and highly functional vacuum cleaner for use in a variety of surfaces.

It does, however, best work on carpeted surfaces to offer as much cleanliness as is humanly possible. The following are the features:

Advanced Cyclonic Filtration

A key feature is its use of cyclonic filtration to scoop out all dirt and bits of dust to perfection. Cyclonic filtration is usually the best there is meaning that users are getting the best.

Motor Powered Brush

The brush doesn't just come alone but comes with a motor to power it. On top of this the brush is also a rotating brush. All this translates to a thorough cleaning of the carpet.

Swivel Head

This Shark product features a swivel head that makes the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas very comfortable. No effort is expended by the user the device itself does most of the working. With this technology perfection is guaranteed.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter on this device is generally regarded as the best in the market. It works by identifying dust particles and other kinds of dirt quickly and with a lot of ease. These are then captured and retained so that they do not again go out and cause problems.

Bissell-Cleanview 323px-161px

Editor Rating:

This vacuum cleaner is made specifically for small and medium-sized to provide maximum cleaning at low cost and without using too much power.

It is a cheap model and very easy and friendly to use. Its features are:

Double Filter

For extra cleaning, it comes not with one filter but two. This is the one unique thing with this special cleaner. As a result of this maximum cleaning is must. Most users will find this very helpful.

Rotating Head

The head on this device rotates up to ninety degrees. Areas that are hard to reach are therefore easily achieved by this head and maximum cleaning is the end result.

Brush Roll

Features a durable brush roll for stirring up dirt particles and dislodging them from between hairs of the carpet. Because of this maximum cleaning of carpet surfaces is the result. No dirt and dust particles are accidentally left behind.

25ft Cord

It is a corded vacuum, but the user doesn't have to worry about the cord being too short. It measures a total of 25ft ensuring that however big the house is it will still be reached by the cord and cleaning done perfectly.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Air

Editor Rating:

The Hoover is a device that comes with the word quality. All its components are state of the art and its performance rivals that of any other cleaner in the market.

Its features are many and they include the following

3 Channel Filter

It uses 3 channels to provide maximum cleaning. More suction is generated, and more dust particles are picked off the surface for better cleaning.

Motorized Brush Roll

The brushroll here isn't a static implement but one that moves for efficient functioning. The brushroll can also be turned on and off for surfaces that don't require the kind of rough cleaning that a brush provides, for example wooden surfaces.

Sleek and Lightweight

The device is sleek and lightweight which sits well with carpet surfaces. No damage can be visited on the carpet this way. Being lightweight also means that a user has an easy time using the device and the wrists don't suffer for cleaning.

Valuable Attachments

It comes with necessary attachments that include a crevice tool for crevices and other hidden places. A dusting brush is also included among these attachments that provide more cleaning than just the usual vacuuming.

Final Verdict

There is an enormous number of different vacuums for carpets. It is, however, hoped that with this review of some of the main types of vacuums for this most delicate surface, users will have an easier time choosing a vacuum that suits them and that hopefully will last them a long time and will be good value for money.

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