Bissell 9595 Review

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is wise if you go through the reviews that demonstrate customers experience with the machine.

This gives you an upper hand of getting the best product that will deliver the desired results when you are cleaning.

I have reviewed and tested so many vacuum cleaners, distinguishing them based on certain feature and most of them work well while other are a real disappointment.

Among the many products I have had an encounter with, Bissell 9595 still stands on the top list. This vacuum cleaner is made with unique features to provide the user with a great moment when you are vacuuming.

Cleaning using this vacuum cleaner provides a different feeling that is hard to feel when you are using other types of cleaners.

In this review, I have listed down some of the top things that make this cleaning machine a recommendable product for anybody looking for a vacuum cleaner.

One Pass Technology

The strong suction in this vacuum cleaner provides a thorough cleaning in your house. The vacuum cleaner works pretty well in picking dirt lying on your carpets and floors, thanks to the innovative brush design and the one pass technology.

Cyclonic System

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t lose its suction. I use it to clean different rooms in my house, and it holds power enough to take me through the entire cleaning process. It is made to maintain its strong cleaning power with the cyclonic system.Bissell 9595 review

TurboBrush Tool

This is another innovative feature that is included in this vacuum cleaner. This tool is designed to handle cleaning almost every part of your house.

Whether you want to clean the stirs, upholstery, furniture or drapes, you can count on this vacuum cleaner for improved performance.

Easy Empty Dirt Tank

Emptying the dirt tank is simple like eating bread with butter. You don’t even have to worry about messing up with your hands.

All you require to do is to remove and empty the dirt tank with the bottom open system, and that’s all.


The vacuum clean has a user-friendly design, so you do not expect any trouble when you are cleaning. It picks up cheerios pretty well with just one swipe.

The machine doesn’t produce any a lot of noise when it is in use so you can expect a smooth performance from this vacuum cleaner.


  • Perfect for dealing with pet hair
  • It has a strong suction
  • The dirt tank of the machine is easy to empty and maintain
  • The turbo brush can be used to clean different places
  • It has a washable foam tank filter


  • The hose of this vacuum is tight and doesn’t stretch well

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this vacuum cleaner to clean bare floors and carpets?

A: Yes, this is a powerful vacuum cleaner that does a nice job cleaning carpets. It also has height adjustments for bare floor cleaning.

Q: Does anyone who own this vacuum cleaner have cats in the house? Is it a perfect vacuum cleaner for picking liter?

A: I had a vacuum cleaner that couldn’t pick any liter. It would just throw buck. Ever since I purchased this model, I find it very great because it picks almost everything on my carpets. It is an adorable vacuum cleaner that you should get too.

Q: How often should you clean the filter of this vacuum cleaner?

A: I use my vacuum cleaner weekly and clean the filter once a month. The filter works well, and I do not see the need to buy another one.

Final Verdict

There are numerous things that you will enjoy from having this vacuum cleaner. With all the positive things outlined above, you have no option but purchase this vacuum cleaner.

The price is reasonable, and it is not hard in your pocket. This vacuum cleaner meets most of the requirements you would love to see in a vacuum cleaner.

If your current vacuum machine is no longer functioning or wants to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for the first time, it is high time you replace it with this model, and you will be the happiest person ever.

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