Dirt Devil UD20015 Review

Are you pissed off with your heavy vacuum cleaner that poses a challenge when you try to push it? If this is your current situation, you are not alone; I have also gone through this such that cleaning became the hardest job in my house.

I have arthritis on my left hand, and unfortunately, I had a heavy vacuum cleaner. Lifting this machine or pushing it around the house gave me a difficult time.

My husband and I decided to look for another lightweight machine that I could use without any trouble.

We tested several models on the market and finally, I was impressed with the Dirt Devil UD20015. This was the lightest vacuum cleaner that I came across and again it has a very powerful cleaning ability.

I have used this machine for many years now, and I find it helpful if I could share my experience with this vacuum cleaner and some of the things that make cleaning awesome.

Powerful Filter

The Dirt Devil UD20015 comes with a powerful filter that can handle any virus and pollutants. Using this machine provides you with a healthy living environment that is free from harmful allergens such as pollen, fungus, mold, and mildew.

The air tight bag included in the machine traps all the particles so you can be sure that no leakage can take place once you are through with cleaning.


For you to achieve a thorough cleaning, this vacuum cleaner provides you with almost everything that you need to make your work easy. It comes with some quality accessories such as upholstery brush, dusting brush and crevice tool to provide you with an easy time cleaning different surfaces.

Again, this machine can be used to clean different types of floors, and it deals with dirt particles excellently.

Cyclonic Filtration

After you are through with cleaning, you will be satisfied by the performance of this vacuum cleaner. Its powerful cyclonic technology cut through any mess with a powerful suction hence sucking any particle or dirt that might be lying on your carpet and bare floors.

Dirt Devil UD20015 Review

Wide Cleaning Path

Remember, cleaning your house is not the only activity you have at hand. By this, I mean that you need to spend less time so that you can get enough time to attend to other chores.

This machine saves you more cleaning time because it has a wide cleaning path. With just a single pass, you can cover a large cleaning area and within no time, you will be through with the entire cleaning task.

Premium Stretch Hose

To make cleaning easier, the vacuum cleaner is designed with 8-foot stretch hose that gives you the chance to extend your cleaning reach. Again, this tool is lightweight, so you will not have trouble carrying it upstairs for cleaning the rooms upstairs.


  • The machine is lightweight and compact
  • Designed with a powerful motor for a strong suction
  • Works well on carpets and bare floors
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Made with HEPA filtration
  • It has a long power cord


  • The machine makes loud noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hoe heavy or light is this vacuum cleaner?

A: This is the lightest vacuum cleaner I have owned in the last ten years. It is easy to move the unit from one point to the other when cleaning.

Q: Does this vacuum cleaner have an on/off switch for carpet and hardwood?

A: No, the machine does not have a switch. You only need to lay it back when you need to use the hose and the attachment.

Q: I’m an Asian girl with long and thick hair. Do you think buying this vacuum cleaner will be strong enough to lift up human hair?

A: Of course it can. I have long hair too, and sometimes I find it all over the house. This machine does a pretty good job picking up the hair.

Final Verdict

The Dirt Devil is an ideal vacuum cleaner that any household can use for cleaning different types of carpets and floors.

You no longer have to struggle with vacuum cleaners that stress you anytime that you want to clean. This vacuum cleaner is made to make cleaning exciting and fun.

With all the positive features that come packed in this machine, it is no doubt a recommendable vacuum cleaner that cannot let you down.

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