EUREKA 3670G Review

When you think of cleaning your garage, basement or workshop then Eureka 3670G comes in handy, with 20feet Cord and long extensional wand are Ideal for cleaning larger area. After a long time of struggling to clean my basement, I got a piece of advice from a friend to check this canister vacuum out and yes it’s good to use and good for my pockets, I did not spend much on it.

It’s a machine that disapproves its size, small machine but does great tough work. Just as its label name Mighty mite, small with great suction power. I found it useful for all purpose surface canister vacuum. It is light in weight easy to carry around.

With a breed of German shepherd and two Alaskan Malamute, you can guess how messy and hairy my placed can be but well-taken care no more worries to that thanks to the Mighty Mite. It also picks from fine to large chunks so well.

Auto Shutdown

When the machine overheats, it automatically shuts down so as to avoid the motor blowing up or any unnecessary damage to the machine. This is an important safety feature that is not common in most of the vacuum cleaners available on the market.

Performance Across Different Floors

With the brush rolls, it quickly gets every part of the floor sparkling within a few seconds. With a power up to 12amp, it comfortably can be adjusted to suit various types of floors. For example, at my home, it serves me well on both carpet and wooden floor.


It is easy to move it around as it weighs approximately 9 pounds.  That’s pretty light to carry, and the added advantages to it are 20 feet cord and long wand that is extendable, thus can cover a large before getting to another far away power source.EUREKA 3670G review

Dust Bag

It contains a simple dust bag placed inside the canister. All the dirt collected after cleaning is trapped in this dust bag. The bag is easy to remove without messing up the area unlike most of the dustless cups that will leave a smoke of dust around.

Heavy Duty

For my basement, I first under-estimated but to my surprise, it did a job well done, so I had to confirm with the garage also and the results were admirable. It is powerful and has a blower port since then I respect it for heavy duty cleaning.

Durability And Maintenance

It is much durable from my personal use I have had none malfunction and also got more of understanding the manufacturer has been there for a long in the market.



  • It’s value for money; Its price is much less
  • Performs great on bare floors and carpet
  • Portable, light and easy to maneuver around with including stairways.
  • Convenient for large rooms with a 20 feet power cord and also small spaces
  • With onboard tools they are efficient for diversity of  tasks
  • Gets rid of  hair around home
  • Has a high suction power
  • Well sizable enough


  • Its noise might be a bit of a bother but not any louder like most of other vacuums I have come across.
  • The cord is not retractable and wraps on the bottom, and you might need extra space to keep the long hose

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of material is used to make the extension wands?

A: The extension wands feature a durable plastic material. The plastic is of high quality, so you do not expect it to break easily.

Q: How does this vacuum cleaner perform when lifting pet hair?

A: The machine works well, and I’m satisfied. I have a dog that sheds a lot, and this vacuum cleaner picks up every hair strand on the carpet and floor.

Q: I have rug carpet in my house, is this vacuum cleaner strong enough for a thorough cleaning?

A: Yes it is. This machine has a very strong suction power to clean almost every type of carpet.


Final Verdict

If caught on a strict budget and don’t wish to spend more that you can chew on a vacuum cleaner, well this happens to be the Ideal choice to get, it’s cost friendly and good in performance.

The manufacturers are trustworthy as they have been in the game for a long time. In fact, older than the number of birthday parties around your place. I don’t mind recommending it to a friend

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