Eureka AS2113A Review

Spending your money purchasing a vacuum cleaner that does a shoddy job can be disappointing. You want a machine that is capable of lifting every single particle on the floor or deep down the carpet.

Getting such a vacuum cleaner can be a dream because you can spend the entire time searching in vain. But you do not have to suffer like that when you are buying a vacuum cleaner, and I’m here to assist you to get a better deal.

Whether you are buying your first vacuum cleaner or have owned once before, the Eureka AS2113A is an ideal machine.

I give advice to many people looking for a vacuum cleaner online, and most customers seem to like this machine because of the many things it provides.

You too can find this vacuum cleaner useful, and this is why I’m reviewing it to provide you with enough details to secure your purchase.

Airspeed Technology

Eureka is among the best vacuum cleaners on the market that provides powerful performance in deep cleaning carpets. The machine features airspeed technology that allows more air to pass through to reach the dirt deep in the carpets.

Even those who have dense carpets, you can depend on this vacuum cleaner for cleaning all the dirt in your carpet.

On-board tool

When you are cleaning your house, it is important if all the surfaces are attended to so that you can bring about a healthy environment for you and your family.

Cleaning hard to reach surfaces such as crevices and cracks is difficult if you do not have the right tools. For this reason, this vacuum cleaner comes with onboard tools to clean crevices, furniture and upholstery among other places.

Eureka AS2113A Review

20 Foot Cord

You do not have to keep of plugging in different power sockets so that you can clean the entire house. This machine comes with a bigger power cord to provide you with a longer reach.

You can clean all the parts of your house without having to remove the source of energy. It saves you more time that you can use to attend to other activities.

Reusable Filter

In my previous model, I used to spend a lot of money purchasing replacement filters, and this was expensive or me in the long run. I decided to buy the Eureka vacuum cleaner because it is easy to maintain and the filter is washable and reusable, so you do not end up spending a lot of money buying filters in future.

Light Weight

This is another characteristic that I love about this vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter where you want to take your cleaning; the machine is easy to maneuver around because of its lightweight design. If you have stairs or story building, you can easily carry this machine to any place around your house.


  • The machine is lightweight and long lasting
  • It has a long power cord to reach a larger surface
  • The filter requires little maintenance
  • Its low profile nozzle makes it simple to clean under furniture
  • This vacuum cleaner works well with pet hair


  • The machine is tough to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this vacuum sealer come with a HEPA filter?

A: Yes, it comes with one. It is the best cleaning machine I have used for the last five months, and I love working with it.

Q: Does this vacuum cleaner have a high suction power? I have a model that hardly picks anything from my carpet. It is a very disappointing vacuum cleaner.

A: I bought the Eureka vacuum cleaner, and so far I find it very useful when picking dirt on my carpet and floor. You can buy this model; it will not disappoint you.

Q: Does the handle of this vacuum cleaner fold for storage?

A: No it doesn’t, this is something that I wished this machine could. But I love its fantastic performance despite having to disassemble it every time.

Final Verdict

When you are cleaning your house, you need a powerful machine that lifts everything off to provide a fresh and clean surface.

Cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner prolongs not only the life of the carpet but also removes allergens and dust in your house.

In this case, buying the Eureka AS2113A will be a great savior. This affordable and lightweight vacuum cleaner is all you need to keep your house clean all the time.

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