Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010 Review

I call it the alien stick, just from the love of space fiction movies that’s what I can relate it to, Hoover BH50010 vacuum is the simplest, fancy and convenient on battery cordless vacuum stick.

It is sleek in appearance, light in weight of about 7 poundsand fewer attachments to operate with. I first saw it at my next door neighbor and definitely jealousy drove me to the nearest store to get it. Well after this review you might be tempted to do the same, well don’t hesitate to the call, thank me later.

For the low cost I got it with, I have no regrets so long us my chores are accomplished in time and with less of a hustle. Compared to my previous ones, it performs better both on floor and carpet and operating it isn’t complicated at all, it took me few minutes to understand the manual and neither am I disappointed by the final results.

With less space for storage I did not find it hard to get a space for it since its size friendly and if you lack space for storage it can in the meantime add decoration to the living room, it has a good stability.

Clean Edges

The edges are the main parts of the house where dirt tends to collect, especially if you do not clean your house every day.  With cleaning edges bristles and motorized brush roll it gets the work done well on edges of the wall leaving nothing behind.Hoover Linx Cordless BH50010 Review

Under the Furniture Cleaning

Its flat front low head gets under furniture well, and gets the hard to reach long time dirt out. My under spaces are now dust free and I don’t have to lift or move anything around. With this machine, you can be sure that every place in your house is clean.


Cleaning around you don’t wish to topple over things while pulling the cord with you or the cord tripping someone who didn’t see it on his path  well a cordless is a necessity, and when cleaning areas that are far away from a power source this becomes a preferred choice as I  move around with ease.

Rechargeable Battery

It uses a rechargeable Lithium ion battery. The battery can last for 15 to 20 minutes and charging time takes about 3 hours. The battery is charged separately from the stick with a charger. Well for a much bigger space you might need to get an extra spare battery.

It is advisable not to leave the battery on charging plug when it is fully charged.It also has an LED power meter to indicate the power remaining on use.

Bagless dust-cup

It comes with a bagless dust-cup that is easy to dispose dirt from the cup to a bin. With a press of a button it is easy to detach the cup from the vacuum cleaner and also easy to set it back. The dust cup is clear I easily monitor how it fills up.

Performance on carpet and hard floor

I find it easy sucking chunks on the floor and on carpet With a switch of a button I easily get it from hard floor to carpet or vice versa. Its performance on both is good.


  • Removes animal hair from carpet
  • Easy and convenient to operate with simple control buttons to use to power on/off and switching floor to carpet.
  • Able to charge the battery away from the stick with a charger when the vacuum stick is on storage.
  • Wider nozzle of about 11 inches
  • Low on noise for comfort
  • Sizable for small storage


  • Cleaning the filter and baffle tube is a little more of work with several steps and the filter needs to be washed frequently after use and takes longer to dry.
  • The battery life is less for bigger apartment will need an extra one.
  • The dirt cup is smaller

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have hardwood floors. Can this vacuum cleaner cause any scratches?

A: This machine is great for picking up dust and other particles on hardwood floors. I have used it for many years and I have never seen even a single scratch on the floor.

Q: What is the battery life of this vacuum cleaner?

A: When both the vacuum and the power brush are running, my machine runs for up to 20 minutes with a single charge.

Final Words

For various chunk sizes I find it passing the test on fine medium to large chunks. This is Ideal for economy and value for money its cheaper and high on performance, It is much affordable and easy to maintain.

It does an adorable job on bare floors and carpets. I would greatly love to recommend it to anyone who wishes to save more and smile all the way home. If satisfied with the information I gave. The big question is how can you get it? Well just check it out on Amazon.com

Ronald Lavine

Ronald Lavine is the Editor of Vacuumcleanerguides. Who is a Vacuum Cleaner enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field. In personal life he is a father of two cute kids and loving husband of a beautiful wife. He love foods and nothing is more important than reading book in his spare time.

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