Hoover UH20040 Review

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which vacuum cleaner was perfect for cleaning my carpets. I consulted a few friends whom I knew had experience in selecting the best vacuum cleaners, but none of the products met my needs.

After spending countless hours researching for the best vacuum cleaner, I came across the Hoover UH20040, and the machine caught my attention.

I decided to give this vacuum cleaner a trial so that I could test it its overall performance when cleaning carpets and bare floors.

All I can say is that I was impressed with this product. The machine is relatively lightweight masking it easy to maneuver around the house when cleaning.

There are a lot other things that I found the remarkable vacuum cleaner. I have explained everything in this review so that it will be easy for you to understand this product in details.

Multi-Cyclonic Technology

This is an innovative technology that set apart fine particles of dirt from reaching the filter. This means that you have to clean your filter less frequently. It also enhances the performance of the machine so that it will work well when lifting dirt, debris and other particles from the floor or carpet.

Three position Height Adjustment

For those people who have different types of floors t home, you do not need to purchase different vacuum cleaners when you have this unit.

It comes with an adjustable nozzle for cleaning different types floor regardless of the surface. This is a pretty nice vacuum cleaner that you should have to keep your house clean.Hoover UH20040 review

Two Filters

This machine comes with two filters. There is a primary filter located on top of the dirt canister that requires cleaning when the performance indicator lights green.

There is also a secondary filter located on the upper part of the base that needs occasional cleaning. Cleaning the two filters is a simple job that you can do within a flash.

Performance Check Indicator

At times, it becomes tough to know when the right time to clean the filter is. In some vacuum cleaners, you are forced to take out the filter so that you can tell whether it requires washing or not. Things are simple on this unit. There is a performance indicator that alerts you when you need to change the filter. Once the light goes green, you need to remove the primary filter for rinsing.

Crevice Tool

Not all the units will do an admirable job cleaning crevices. Reaching such surfaces is difficult, and so most of the people leave them untidy. With the help of the crevice tool included in this vacuum cleaner, it becomes an easy job to reach the tight spots for a thorough cleaning.


  • It is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
  • The primary filter is washable, so you do not have to keep on buying a filter
  • The machine has a wide cleaning area
  • It has a long power cord to reach a large cleaning surface
  • The unit is affordable


  • Produces a lot of noise when cleaning
  • It doesn’t have a cord rewind

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m looking for a self-propelled vacuum cleaner, is this model self-propelled?

A: No this vacuum cleaner is not self-propelled. I bought it last month, and it is an incredible product that you should try too.

Q: How does this vacuum cleaner work on area rugs?

A: I have the best experience with this vacuum cleaner. It works well o area rugs because it doesn’t grab the edges like the other vacuum cleaner I had.

Q: Does this vacuum cleaner lift pet hair well?

A: I do not have pets, but I have long hair that spreads all over the house. This vacuum cleaner lifts the hair pretty well leaving the whole house clean. I hope it will be great for pet hair too.

Final Verdict

I’m hopeful you got something from this review. If you are considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner, this model should cross your mind.

It is designed to help users keep their homes clean without spending too much money. Even if you have worked with other vacuum cleaners available on the market, it is still worth getting the feel and performance of the Hoover UH20040.

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