Hoover UH70120 Review

Living in a dusty and dump house is not only unhygienic but also puts you at an upper hand of getting respiratory diseases.

Maintaining a clean house doesn’t cost you a lot. We all love staying in a clean house, but if you do not have the right cleaning tools, it will be hard to keep your house clean.

You do not need to buy a thousand things to clean your house. Getting the best vacuum cleaner is simple enough to help you maintain a clean and healthy home where there is a free flow of fresh air.

I have worked with so many vacuum cleaners in the past years, so you can be sure when I tell that the Hoover UH70120 delivers the desired cleaning performance.

This is a machine that I have used to clean my house for many years, and it never stops to impress me. It is valuable reading the review of this machine so that you can learn more about its features and performance.

Wind Tunnel Technology

Have you used a vacuum cleaner that lifts up and drops the dirt on your carpet? Using such a machine can make cleaning demanding and at the same time boring.

The Hoover vacuum cleaner comes pack with important technologies like the Wind Tunnel to offer consistent results. On top of that, it also has cyclonic technology that offers a strong suction power with minimal filter maintenance.

Light Weight

When you have carpet covering the entire room, you need to move to different places to clean every part of the house. Again, if you have a story building, you also need to carry your machine on the stairs to clean other rooms of the house.

Using this lightweight vacuum cleaner makes your work easier because you do not have to struggle carrying it from one location to the other.

Hoover UH70120 Review

Long Power Cord

A vacuum cleaner that comes with a short power cord forces you to keep on unplugging to clean all the areas in the house. Things are different with this machine because you can cover a pretty large area without unplugging, credits to the long power cord.

Five Height Adjustments

Some people prefer having different types of flooring in their house in various rooms. Does this mean that you need to purchase different vacuum cleaner?

Of course, you don’t have to buy different machines for all the types of floors in your house. In this case, this machine offers a five height adjustment system making it easy to pick up dirt on any floor.

System Check Indicator

Unlike other types of vacuum cleaners that require you to open the machine to check the condition of the filter, this model comes with a system check indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced.


  • It has a strong suction power
  • It doesn’t produce noise during operation
  • The power cord is long so that you can cover a large distance
  • This vacuum cleaner is lightweight
  • It provides five position height adjustment


  • Cases of pet hair getting stuck in the canisters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wash the HEPA filter after using this vacuum cleaner for a long time?

A: No, dirt needs to be tapped out of the filter into the garbage. The manual clearly states that the HEPA filter should not be rinsed.

Q: I have thick carpets in my house. I have a vacuum cleaner that I bought five months ago, and it doesn’t work well on my thick carpet. Can I depend on this model?

A: I also have thick carpet in my home. I bought this vacuum cleaner, and it does an impressive job. I would highly recommend it.

Q: How do you clean this vacuum cleaner?

A: When I’m cleaning the unit I open the filter at the top and use air spray, and it works well.

Final Verdict

This is not the first vacuum cleaner that I have used. I have tried many models, and some disappointed me.

If you want to maintain a healthy and clean home without spending thousands of dollars, this vacuum cleaner is all you want.

It is equipped with a lot more that you cannot find in other vacuum cleaners in the same category or price range.

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