iRobot Roomba 650 Review

The level of technology in the current world is making everything simple and automated. Ever since I started using vacuum cleaners, I never imagined owning a machine that cleans by itself.

Not until I came across the iRobot Roomba 650 and I couldn’t resist buying it. All I do is turn the machine on and relax as it does the rest of the cleaning jobs.

Owning such a lovely cleaner is the best thing that happened to me. I was bored pushing a heavy vacuum cleaner all over the house, and this model benefits me a lot.

There are some adorable things that I’m sharing with you in this review so that you can get a clear impression of how this vacuum cleaner is an excellent time saver. I have tried to cover as much as possible in this review, and I’m pretty sure you will love this machine.


If you are tired of using upright vacuum cleaners and other tools that you have to control for you to clean, get this robot cleaner and it will do everything for you.

This unit is self-charging, so it is always ready to clean when you need it to. It is programmed to return to its charging to recharge.

Thorough Cleaning

Dirt cannot hide when you are dealing with this machine. It picks up dirt everywhere inside the house even in areas where it ‘s hard to clean using a normal vacuum cleaner.

This little device gets all the dirt and dust under the bed, sofas and other areas that are difficult to reach.

Convenient Scheduling

You can easily preset this vacuum cleaner to clean up all the days of the week. This means that your house will always be clean when you buy this Roomba. It saves you a lot of time and provides you with a very clean and hygienic home for you and your family.

iRobot Roomba 650 Review

Ease of Use

You might think that this device is difficult to use because it does the work by itself. The truth is, it is not complicated to operate. You only require to press clean, and the machine gets to work. It will move around the house cleaning every surface and lifting all dirt, dust, and hair that might be lying on the floor and under the furniture.

Three-Stage Cleaning System

This cleaner is made with innovation and creativity in mind. It brags of a three-stage cleaning system that combines agitation, brushing and suction. All these are included to ensure that no dirt is left when this machine is moving all over the house.


  • It doesn’t produce loud noise
  • The machine keeps your home clean the whole day
  • It is self-charging
  • It is easy to operate
  • Is low profile design makes it easy to clean under the furniture


  • You cannot use this machine to clean windows and stairs

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I have a very curious cat in the house, I’m afraid that she might ride around the device on top of this machine. Who else has this machine and have cats around the house?

A: I thought too when I bought this machine. I have two cats, and one of them follows it, but when the machine turns towards him, he is scared and runs away. I doubt if a cat can ride around the house on this machine.

Q: I have two pets that shed a lot of hair in the house. Will this iRobot work well in picking pet hair?

A: I have a mixed breed pet with very long hair. It sheds a lot of hair that gives me a hard time cleaning. This is the best cleaner that I have ever owned. I recommended it.

Q: Does this machine get to the corners?

A: No it doesn’t. But I still find it the best in my house.  It does a very excellent job cleaning rooms.

Final Words

Take your cleaning to a new level by getting the iRobot Roomba 650. This is a machine that simplifies your work so you can do other jobs and leave all the cleaning tasks for the cleaner to handle.

In as much as you cannot use to clean the stairs or other top surfaces, to have this machine will save you a lot and you are going to like its performance.

For the price of this robot cleaner and the fact that it does the work for you, I don’t find any reason that should make you shy away from buying this round vacuum cleaner.

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