Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner, Model-NV501 Review

Have you ever been caught in between the decision of getting your desired sets of equipment, or go for economic cheap sets? Yap, we all somehow cross this path, and it’s not because we not only wish to save some coins but we fear the long term burden of maintaining and keeping it brandy. When it came to vacuum cleaners this was a nightmare to me.

Well trust me this is no longer a problem with Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away vacuum cleaner, model-NV501 that meets your desired needs of low cost, low maintenance, and high performance.

With its upright model, detachable and easily portable canisters, not to mention the beauty of its kind, cleaning is now less of a punishment.

This model is guaranteed to clean hard floors, removal of dirt and pet hair from carpets and compared to previous vacuums, I found this one to be more user friendly, and one requires almost no knowledge on vacuum cleaners to be a pro in this.

Appearance and Attachments

Definitely you have to fall in love with the appearance of this machine. It is so admirable with two led headlights and effortless maneuverability around obstacles, that’s where its name rotator fits. With a 1200 watt of power, it can get the sticky dirt from the carpet.

It comes with;

  • User manuals with instructions of operation
  • Kit of connectors
  • Long wands for hard floors, disjoins at handle to tackles small jobs
  • Canisters
  • Furniture brush and a hard floor brush
  • The Lift away that can easily be inter-exchanged between the cadies

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner, Model-NV501 Review

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This vacuum cleaner is easily portable around the house, when changing for example from my wood floor to the carpet when cleaning I find it so convenient and much lighter than previous vacuum cleaners I had.

The lift away easily detaches from one caddy by press of a button and easily fits to other, and one additional amazing feature to it is that you don’t have to switch the vacuum off while switching from one caddy to the other. Pretty amazing don’t you think?

Ideal for Pet Lovers

At one point we do desire to add a member to our family, a companion who we are not genetically related but she gives us company when you find the home deserted at the middle of the day.

Well, if you are a pet lover as I am, you can now forget the horror stories about pet hair and health. With Shark Rotator Professional this has become a story of the past as it comes with furniture brush for animal hair leaving your home spotlessly hairless.

Multi-Floor Cleaning

With the long wand am able to clean higher places and hard to reach places in the wall and ceilings. It is suitable for all surfaces ranging from hard to soft, including small spaces with the provision of various cleaning tool kit.

If you want to clean the stairs this is definitely what you need as it is light and easily portable thus convenient on your way up and down the stairway.

Disposing Off Dirt

This is another feature less considered by other manufactures but it’s a concern. When disposing dirt from the dust cup you don’t wish to mess places you have already cleaned, its dust cup is well locked and when disposing off dirt it goes down on a free fall to a bin thus there are no dirt leftovers on the cup.



  • Its whir or hum sound is so comfortable operate with no noise at all
  • It is light weight approximately 15.5 pounds
  • Consider it for all floor types won’t disappoint at all.
  • Removes animal hair
  • Easier to convert from upright to canister
  • Larger dust cup thus preferable for long time of cleaning without disruptions of emptying the cup after a short while.


  • Non automatic cord winder, this might be an issue but not of much disappointment maybe in future there will be improvements towards that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this vacuum cleaner lightweight?

A: Yes it is. As compared to a previous model that we had, my wife loves this vacuum cleaner because it is way much lighter and performs well too.

Q: Does this vacuum cleaner come with a filter or do I have to purchase a filter separately?

A: This vacuum cleaner from Shark comes with a washable and reusable filter and a HEPA filter. You do not have to buy any filter when buying not until you have used the one it comes with for an extended time.

Q: Is this machine best for cleaning bare floor?

A: Yes, I have tried cleaning with it and it does a great job. It is an awesome vacuum cleaner.


Final Verdict

Well with this features it serves 99% of my problems with vacuums, I will recommend it to anyone in need of a pocket friendly, High performance and durable vacuum cleaner. If it suits your needs then the million dollar question is where to get it. This machine is available for purchase online and other recommended local shops.

Ronald Lavine

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Ronald, u explained almost everything with precise detail, i want to ask something The red clip that holds the lift-way handle to the base snapped off. I want to purchase a replacement part but can’t find it to purchase? can you help?


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