Soniclean Vt Plus Review

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is probably the hardest decision any homeowner can make. Keeping your carpets and other types of flooring clean and in good condition requires the purchase of an excellent vacuum cleaner.

I’m a vacuum cleaner expert, and I came across so many claims from customers that the Soniclean Vt Plus outperforms other top models such as Shark, Dyson, and Orek.

I have also had an encounter with this vacuum cleaner, and I can say that it is a great product. I’m sharing with you a review based on my findings of the performance and some of the best qualities that make this vacuum cleaner a recommendable to purchase.

After reading this review, I optimistic that it will change your mind, and you will find purchasing this vacuum cleaner an investment not a waste of money.

Lightweight Design

Cleaning your house should among the enjoyable activities that you enjoy doing. If you have a heavy vacuum cleaner, you might not love using it most of the times.

This Soniclean vacuum cleaner is lightweight making it easy to maneuver around your house for thorough cleaning. It weighs 10.5 lbs so many people will have a simple time using this cleaner. On top of that, the handling is easy as compared to other vacuum cleaners in the same price range.Soniclean Vt Plus review

Signature Sonic Technology

This is the stronghold of this vacuum cleaner. It has an innovative technology that cleans deeper with 200 sonic vibrations per second. Ever since I started using this vacuum cleaner, all I can say that it is a quality model that beats most of the products on the market today.

The patented process of this cleaner loosens ground-in dirt, dust leaving all the surfaces in your house sparkly clean.

Direct-Air Paramagnetic Motor

When you are searching for a vacuum cleaner, it is important if you look for a product that is designed with a powerful motor. The Soniclean Vt Plus is made to provide the user with power and durability.

Its strong motor provides a strong suction, so you can depend on this cleaner for consistent results all the times it is in use.

Lays Flat For Furniture Cleaning

If you have had other types of vacuum cleaners that do not lay low, you know how hard it can be cleaning under the furniture. Fortunately, with this vacuum cleaner, you cannot experience that problem any longer because it is easy to clean under the tables, chairs and other types of furniture in the house.

The low profile design of this cleaner makes it a simple task to reach the hard to reach places that most vacuum cleaners do not.

Two Cleaning Modes

The unit comes with two cleaning modes for cleaning carpets and bare floor. This is a great advantage because you leave all surfaces in good condition when you are cleaning. Again, it is easy to switch between the two modes when you need to move from carpet cleaning to floor cleaning.


  • It has patented sonic technology that provides more suction
  • This machine is lightweight and easy to use
  • It comes with two cleaning modes for carpets and hard floors
  • The power cord is long for a larger cleaning surface
  • It is a durable vacuum cleaner


  • The unit doesn’t provide variable suction control
  • The cleaner doesn’t have headlight

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean both long and short carpeting. Is this the right vacuum cleaner to buy?

A: I have long shag carpeting in my house, and the vacuum cleaner works fine. I haven’t used it on short carpeting. But it has high and low settings, so I think buying this vacuum cleaner will be a great deal.

Q: Does this cleaner come with extensions that can help in cleaning furniture?

A: No it doesn’t. However, this vacuum cleaner performs well when cleaning other parts such as carpets. If you want to clean under the furniture, you can go for the Sonic handheld cleaner that works well too.

Q: I’m having trouble cleaning edges with my current vacuum cleaner. Will this model do a great job?

A: Absolutely. This vacuum cleaner is fantastic. I bought a few months ago, and it does a perfect job cleaning the edges.

Final Verdict:

Everything about this cleaner is mindblowing. If you are shopping for an affordable vacuum cleaner that delivers durability and performance, this is the best product to buy.

There are a lot of positive reviews from customers who have used this unit, and this is an indication of improved performance. So, why don’t you acquire this vacuum cleaner too?

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